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Future of brownfield land should be determined locally, says Evans

Date: 18/5/2015

Responding to a reporter from Brownfiled Briefing David Evans, POS President, said that the new Government' should ensure that local community based decision making is priortised.

Evans said "Making the most effective use of previously developed land which is not of high environmental value is a core principle of National Planning Policy. The Planning Officers Society which is the voice of public sector planners believes that this is best achieved through Local Planning Authorities working with their local communities in preparing local plans and determining planning applications. This locally determined place shaping work is key to the creation of successful mixed use communities properly integrated into the locality with the necessary infrastructure. This includes providing not just homes but also local jobs, community facilities, affordable housing, transport facilities and greenspace."

Evans recalled Greg Clark stating in November 2011 " When people know that they will get proper support to cope with the demands of new development; when they have a proper say over what new homes will look like; and when they can influence where those homes go, they have reasons to say "yes" to growth".

"The Society is concerned that the proposals to introduce Local Development Orders (LDOs) to relax planning controls at a national level will bypass local community involvement and undermine the creation of sustainable mixed use places" Evans commented.

"The Society believe that decisions on whether or not a LDO is an appropriate solution should be taken locally through the democratic process following community engagement. The Governments desire to speed up the delivery of affordable housing is welcomed but the Society believes that local community based decision making is the right way forward" Evans concluded.

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