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Joint POS/BPF Conference Marks Mature Collaboration

Date: 19/3/2015

Mike Kiely, Chair of the Planning Officers Society, said "POS is pleased to be jointly hosting this conference with the British Property Federation. It is really important that we work across the sector on areas where we have shared interests and often a considerable level of agreement." Kiely added, "The coalition government have made a huge number of changes to the planning system over the last 5 years and, with an election around the corner, planning remains high on the agendas of all the main political parties. This conference will look at some of the key issues that will be a feature of any new government post May 2015."

Adrian Penfold, Head of Planning at British land remarked that "This conference signals the maturing of the constructive working between the BPF and POS over the past 18 months or so." Penfold said "We have found that, as customers and providers of our planning system, we share common views on many things. We have demonstrated that we can work together with any incoming Government to make the reforms of the last 5 years work better and, where necessary, to improve the planning system. Today we have an opportunity for delegates from planning authorities and the private sector to debate some of the issues we both face."

180315_MikeKiely.jpgMike Kiely  1803_AdrianPenfold.jpgAdrian Penfold

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