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Money pulled from vital service

Date: 22/4/2016

Planning magazine reports that a halving of the grant for  the Planning Advisory Service (PAS) means its support will be more targeted at government priorities, while charges could be introduced for some current free services.

Mike Kiely, Chair of the Board of the Planning Officers Society, told a reporter: "It is baffling that the government has pulled what is, in the scheme of things, a tiny amount of money from such a vital service at a time when it is, if anything, needed more than ever."

Kiely predicted that many local planning authorities could struggle to access PAS services if they carry a charge, saying this will mean they do not receive the training, advice and assistance they need. "Over time you'll see the planning system perform less well than it would if PAS were there to assist (in the way it had previously)," he said.

mike-kiely-pos.jpg Mike Kiely

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