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More authorities may go for market supplements

Date: 17/6/2016

Planning magazine reports that planning officers at the London Borough of Lambeth are to receive a seven per cent boost to their salaries under a supplement designed to stave off problems retaining and hiring staff.

Mike Kiely, London convenor of the Planning Officers Society, said that he was not surprised by the problems reported by the council. "It is a simple matter of supply and demand - when demand is high and the supply is not, the price goes up," he said. Kiely added that he expected more authorities to consider a market supplement scheme.

"Within local government structures, this type of scheme is the only option. There are pay scales across councils. Some specialist areas - such as planning - face shortages, while others don't, but you can't offer different pay levels on the same pay scale," he said.

mike-kiely-pos.jpg Mike Kiely

Comments were also made by Sara Whelan, the POS Policy Manager, and Steve Ingram, the new Senior Vice President; although in their respective local authority roles rather than for POS.

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