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PDRs fantastic for non-contentious issues

Date: 5/10/2017

Planning magazine reports POS President, Steve Ingram, at the British Institute of Agricultural Consultants National Rural Planning Conference in Wantage as saying that applications for contentious development in the countryside should not be allowed to bypass the full planning process.

Ingram said permitted development rights (PDRs) were "fantastic for non-contentious issues", but added: "I'm not sure they are appropriate for projects that can impact things that we all want to safeguard. These proposals need to be subject to the rigour of the planning process".

The full planning process allowed the community to be properly engaged and consulted, he said. It also allowed justifications such as the need for rural homes for local people to be fully considered. "And if the purpose of the new housing is to serve the existing community, then planning authorities should be allowed to add occupancy conditions," he said.

Separately, he identified dwindling social infrastructure as a key issue for rural areas. He urged planning authorities to assist multiple uses of single properties as a potential solution, for instance allowing pubs, shops and post offices to be combined in one building. "The flexibility to do that is key," he said.

SteveIngram_web.jpg Steve Ingram


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