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POS Contribution Award Made to Stuart Hylton

Date: 16/8/2012

The Planning Officers Society Cabinet recognises that the Society is only as good as the members that belong to it. It understands that every member brings a unique set of skills, experiences and knowledge with them every time they participate in society activities. What's more we know that Society members are dedicated and hardworking, holding down a day job as well as finding time, usually their own to undertake work on behalf of the society.

The POSCA's is a Society member scheme, aimed at recognising members who have gone that 'extra mile' in contributing to the work of the Society. It is designed to:

  1. Stimulate interest in getting involved in the activities of the Society
  2. Publicly recognise the work undertaken on behalf of the Society by individuals
  3. Demonstrate Cabinet's commitment to the membership;
  4. Create an environment where members will wish to make a valued contribution to the work of the Society; and
  5. Help foster a culture of creativity and innovation within the Society.

At the Cabinet meeting on 20th July the President awarded a POSCA to Stuart Hylton (retired) in recognition of his regular and wholly reliable membership of the Cabinet, the Spatial Planning & Policy Committee and of the South East Region.

The citation included mention that "his contributions to debates were very thoughtful and helpful, and assisted the Society greatly in establishing positions on issues. Stuart often offered to coordinate work on behalf of the Society and represent POS at various meetings. His initial draft responses to consultations were of the highest quality, and he took considerable trouble to include the comments of members in final versions. He devoted many hours to undertake these activities. He was extremely reliable and conscientious, and attracted the admiration of many. Stuart was very active in the recent debates on the reform of the planning system, and often represented the Society at meetings and conferences. Stuart also took on the role of Convenor of the South East Region for many years and made a significant contribution to the success of regional meetings.

Whether working behind the scenes on consultation responses or representing the Society at various events, Stuart's presence can only have enhanced the aims and standing of the Society in the planning sector."

 Stuart Hylton POSCA 2.JPG Stuart Hylton recieves his POSCA from Malcolm Sharp, President

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