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POS Identifies Key Issues at Planning Summit

Date: 11/4/2014

At the inaugural Planning Summit held on 1 April 2014 POS representatives Mike Kiely and Catriona Riddell identified some key isses to be addressed by the Government and LPAs.

Mike Kiely, President 2013/14, posed a question for shadow Communities Secretary Hilary Benn in response to his suggestion that developers and landowners would be charged for "sitting on land for which they have permission." Kiely asked whether he would support requiring developers to pay council tax two years after permission is granted, whether they have started development or not. Benn replied "That's exactly what we propose. Where planning permission has been given, after a certain period of time, the authority can say, 'You know what, if you'd built the houses you said, we'd be getting the council tax income'. So that's why I talked about ... escalating charges."

Catriona Riddell, the Society's Strategic Planning Convenor, told the Summit that she had read all of the LEP's submitted strategic economic plans and that "very few of them are integrated spatially. None seem to understand that we have a local planning system." Riddell added "They are essentially delivery plans. Generally speaking, they are not fit for strategic planning purpose."

 MikeKiley_Pres_web3.jpg Mike Kiely   catriona-riddell-pos.jpg Catriona Riddell

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