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POS Issues Advice Note on Responding to Nationally Significant Infrastructure Projects

Date: 19/8/2010

The final version of this new Society advice note has been completed and has today [19th Augsut 2010] being emailed to all POS members. 

Its publication is most timely since the first applications have now been submitted to the IPC and, as a consequence of the wide areas of consultation, there are an awful lot of authorities affected by NSIPs.

Until now there has been little attention to the situation of local authorities, often small District Councils, which find that proposals for Nationally Significant Infrastructure Projects are coming their way. They have to engage with an unfamiliar regime, with promoters who often have little experience of working with local authorities as significant players in the decision making process, and within timescales designed to deliver early decisions.

Stephen Tapper, President of POS, in launching the Advice Note said "It goes without saying that, as with so many other aspects of planning, the sooner authorities can get their act together to respond to the imminence of proposals, the more effective they will be, and the better they will be able to represent the interests and concerns of their communities, working within the emerging principles of localism in planning. That is where this advice note comes in."

It has been written to help local authority planners quickly brief themselves on the NSIP regime, prepare their elected members, and begin the process of engagement with the scheme promoters. At the same time they will be able to look ahead to later stages in the process to think about how they will organise themselves and plan the necessary resources to be effective and influential right through to the eventual decision and its implementation.

The advice note is one of several which the Society will be producing to assist planning authorities in these times of change.



The advice note can viewed by POS members only: click here

ST&Banner AGM2010.JPG Stephen Tapper, POS President



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