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POS Promotes Models for Sub-Regional Spatial Planning

Date: 26/6/2008

The Planning Officers Society has today published a report on Models for Sub-Regional Planning. The report investigates current practice in sub-regional spatial planning and makes recommendations about how it can be best organised in the future; based on current good practice and the particular circumstances of the sub-region.

The report examines current approaches to sub-regional spatial planning in Regional Spatial Strategies, Local Development Frameworks and other related areas of policy making.

Roger Daniels, one of the authors of the report, said “We hope that this report will assist in developing the ideas about sub-regional working and devolution that are set out in the Sub-National Review of Economic Development and Regeneration. We also hope that spatial planning in its widest sense will receive full attention at the sub-regional level in the new system of integrated regional strategies.”

John Hack, the report’s other author, remarked that “our thanks are due to the English Regions Network, Communities and Local Government and the Planning Officers Society for sponsoring this study and to our Steering Group for guiding this research”.


1.     Copies of the report are being distributed to those who contributed to the study through its survey and workshops and to others who are likely to have an interest in the study’s findings or in following up its recommendations; it is also available from the Society’s website: see below. The technical appendices are being published only on the Planning Officers Society web site: see below.

2.     Roger Daniels and John Hack are Associates of POS Enterprises Ltd. Their contact details are roger_daniels@tiscali.co.uk (Tel: 01934 853031) and hack@jphack.wanadoo.co.uk


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