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POS Publishes New CIL and Infrastructure Planning Advice Note

Date: 26/10/2011

The Society has just published updated practical advice on CIL and infrastructure planning for its members.

This advice note is intended to provide sound and practical advice to authorities on what is needed in terms of infrastructure planning to underpin the local planning process and to implement CIL.  It outlines the measures that are needed to take CIL forward, recognising that this is a new initiative with little in the way of good practice or successful examples to fall back on.  

Graham Jones, Vice-President Emeritus and principal author of the advice note, said "POS is in the fortunate position of being able to draw on the experience of working with over 50 authorities on this subject over the past two years and working alongside CLG on its implementation.  We can therefore put forward this advice note with confidence that it is based on the most up to date information available, tempered with a solid grounding in the current context within which local authorities are working."

POS Members can log in and access the Advice Note in the Members-only Library

 graham_jones2.jpg Graham Jones

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