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POS Surveys LPAs Preparedness for CIL

Date: 11/3/2011

POS, in response to a request by DCLG, recently undertook a survey of its members to find out their preparedness for  the Community Infrastructure Levy.

John Silvester, Spokesperson for the Society, said "DCLG is moving forward with the implementation of the CIL and is keen to get a feel as to which local authorities are preparing to take up or are considering taking up CIL in their areas.  We were asked if we could find out  which authorities are making preparations to introduce CIL, which ones are considering doing so, and which ones have decided not to take up CIL."

Graham Jones, Convenor of the Society's Infrastructure Planning Topic Forum who undertook the survey, advised that "results from 70 LPAs show no authorities have made a firm decision not to proceed with CIL. The overwhelming majority are considering adoption but have not taken formal decisions as yet, and over 50% are actively working towards CIL at the present time. Of particular interest is that 6 respondents indicated they were working with adjoining authorities."

The results of the survey are available to download

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