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POS Welcomes Lyons Review

Date: 16/10/2014

POS welcomes the Lyons Review. It covers a wide range of issues that we will need to analyse in full but we particularly welcome the following recommendations:


  • The recognition that meeting the Nation's housing needs is a complex issue that is not just about planning, important as that is, and it will require action with clear government leadership to make housing a national priority.
  • We particularly welcomed the recognition that quality and good place making are vital to public acceptance of growth needed.
  • Enabling local planning authorities to be more pro-active in unlocking land for development is something POS has been lobbying for so that stagnant land that can contribute to meeting local needs can be brought forward.
  • POS was particularly pleased to see many aspects of its Manifesto "Planning for a Better Future" featured in the Review, particularly our suggestions on improving the Local Plan process

POS is ready and willing to assist in discussing and/or drafting proposals in detail. Dave Evans, POS President, said "many of the recommendation in this Review reinforce the support we have received from many quarters, including property interests, for the plan-making proposals in our Manifesto. We look forward to developing these recommendations so that the planning system can continue to support growth and regeneration across the country"

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