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Queen's Speech Implications Unclear

Date: 27/5/2015

Responding to a reporter from Planning magazine, John Silvester, the POS Communications Manager, said the implications of the main issues in the Queen's Speech are unclear at this stage without the necessary detail.

  • The right to be allocated land with planning permission - Silvester said "I am puzzled as to what this 'right' might be since there can never be any guarantee that planning permission can be issued. I suppose it could be LDOs assuming any have been identified and adopted. But how many will actually be adopted and thus make a big impact is, in my view, questionable"
  • Neighbourhood planning will be streamlined and sped up - Silvester commented "this is most welcome, provided the essential components are not diluted too much."
  • Plans to deliver new Starter Homes across the country; developers building such homes will be exempt from planning levies including section 106 affordable housing contributions -  Silvester was adamant that "POS cannot support any reduction in contributions towards essential infrastructure improvements since without them the development shouldn't be granted permission in the first place. The key point is that each and every house impacts on local infrastructure (the cumulative effect), so each one that doesn't contribute is getting a free ride but still impacting."
  • A new register of brownfield land will also help fast-track the construction of new homes - Silvester said "again this is most welcome, although it will be an additional burden on local authorities without any increase in resources."

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