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Vital for applicants and LPAs to communicate effectively

Date: 15/2/2018

Planning magazine reports that a recent appeal cost award made against a Suffolk council shows the importance of communication between applicants and authorities.

Steve Ingram, President of the Planning Officers Society, said the case appeared to be a result of the council communicating poorly with the applicant. 

Ingram said it is vital for applicants and planning authorities to communicate effectively with each other to avoid the risk of cost applications. "Planning is a process of negotiation. Where you have a breakdown of communication, you end up with an adversarial position."

According to Ingram, most cost applications arise - in contrast to this case - when members overturn officers' recommendations in planning decisions, which then go to appeal. "Members have every right to make a different decision to their advisers' recommendation. They key point is that they need to be able to justify that decision on planning grounds."

Steve_Ingram(3).jpg Steve Ingram

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