DM Decision Making + COVID-19: How to manage committee decisions during the Coronavirus Emergency

30 April 2020

With the current COVID-19 restrictions, planning committees have been cancelled. This position is likely to persist for some time so not determining those applications until the pandemic is over is not really an option. MHCLG’s Chief Planner, Steve Quartermain, in his recent letter has also urged the sector to keep the planning system operating as much as we can in these difficult times.

This guidance note looks at what DM services can do to deal with decisions on planning applications that would ordinarily be taken by committee. Our advice is to reduce the number of cases going to committee as these take up resources that will dwindle as the pandemic takes further hold on the population. This means an increase in applications being determined under delegated powers but those cases that usually would have gone to committee probably need a different delegated procedure to normal to recognise the change. We set out an approach to achieving that. New Regulations from government will shortly allow virtual committees to be held. Advice on how to make these work is also included

Download  the Guidance Note