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COVID-19 - Society's response

17 March 2020
Latest advice from Government to avoid all non-essential contacts dictates that we avoid all non-essential meetings. The Society have therefore taken the decision to cancel all network meetings until further notice. This includes the Policy Forum, the POS DM and SP networks, the regional networks and POS NOVUS. The Board if it needs to meet will do so electronically. POS Enterprises has cancelled supported learning group meetings which were due to take place this month and will make decisions about future meetings in the light of Government advice at the time. It will confer with clients for training to agree whether planned courses should go ahead or be postponed.  Read more

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President's Blog July 2019

10 July 2019
A year ago at Stamford, Paul reminded us that good planning is essential for delivering great places. Since then, and to this end, he has been committed to promoting POS’s ideas – through working with the Core Cities Group and through representing POS on the Labour Party Planning Commission. During his term, the society has experienced significant progress – the start of a new north east branch of POS, the launch of a new website and the re-invigoration of NOVUS, for young planners.  Read more

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President's Blog October 2018

22 October 2018
I thought after my last few blogs that I’d start with sharing a little of how I spent the last week of September, which proved to be challenging, fascinating, worrying and heartening in equal measure – pretty typical for many of us I expect. Read more

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President's Blog late Summer 2018

12 September 2018
As anyone who has read these President’s Blogs over the last few years will know, they are meant to be out on a monthly basis which means that as we are now in September I am late with this one. My excuse, when the ‘Blog Delivery Test’ is measured, is that it has been so I could get my thoughts together on the new NPPF .... Read more

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E-Bulletin July 2018

31 July 2018
Breaking News ... ... which you are all no doubt aware of - is that the Revised NPPF has now been published together with some associated changes to the Planning Practice Guidance.  Read more

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President's Blog July 2018

27 July 2018
Goodness time flies! Already over a month into my year and I have fully realised my limitations of time as a chief planner leading a busy planning department. This is something we all struggle with given the worsening financial pressures in local government. So, to help focus on a continuity of purpose and hopefully our impact, Sarah, Richard and I, as the presidential team, believe that we should work on the theme of ensuring POS is relevant and properly representative of our members and the different parts of the country across the next 3 years. Read more

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