Planning Resources: designing a more efficient system

07 December 2022

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Planning resources are in short supply: we have seen less graduates choosing planning as a career and increasingly those that do are being attracted into the private sector. There have been great initiatives, such as Public Practice, to attract place making professionals into the public sector, but it remains a challenging landscape. This paper examines the system to see how we can redesign it to make the most of the skills that planning and other place making professions offer, avoid duplication and link the regimes with their core purposes. It explores how we can use new technologies to simplify, digitise and automate both plan making and decision taking, how we can redesign systems and processes to ensure that planning “sticks to the knitting” and matters that are better dealt with through Licensing, Building Regulations or other regimes are clearly taken out of planning. With a system that is more focused on planning and place making, and what can be digitised and automated is simplified, we have a much better chance to successfully operate with the limited resources that we have. It is hoped that the resulting system will be a much more stimulating and attractive place within which to work.

by Mike Kiely

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