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POS Manifesto

Our Manifesto calls for a series of targeted changes and refinements to the planning system to ensure that it is optimised to do its job as effectively and efficiently as possible.

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Writing spatial plans guidance

12 January 2019
A guide to writing the policy content of Local Development Documents  Read more

Good practice

Permission in Principle Briefing Note

02 February 2018
The Society has issued a briefing note folowing an informal discussion with DCLG re the introduction of Permission in Principle by application which is coming in June 2018. Read more

Good practice

Practice Guidance on The Production and Use of Local Aggregate Assessments

23 May 2017
This guidance has been prepared jointly by the POS Minerals & Waste Forum with the Mineral Products Association.ÿ Its purpose is to provide advice on how to prepare an LAA, and on their use, and it includes examples of practice.ÿ It sets out information that should be included in an LAA, including what 'other relevant local information' may be appropriate, and the possible circumstances in which this may indicate a need to deviate from the 10 year sales average.ÿ Read more

Good practice

Residential Development and Trees

31 July 2015
The importance of trees and green space in delivering high quality places to live, work and spend leisure time is now widely recognised. Integrating trees and green spaces into developments early on in the design process minimises costs and maximises the benefits they can provide. Read more

Good practice

Supporting and Managing Neighbourhood Planning

28 February 2015
The purpose of this Advice Note is therefore to share good practice to help LPAs offer the best possible support to those preparing neighbourhood plans in their area without placing unacceptable pressure on the planning service as a whole. Read more

Good practice

Section 106 Obligations and the Community Infrastructure Levy

28 February 2015
The Community Infrastructure Levy (CIL) Regulations have significant implications for the use of S106 Planning Obligations, both for authorities who have or are intending to introduce CIL and for those who are not.  Read more

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