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POS Manifesto

Our Manifesto calls for a series of targeted changes and refinements to the planning system to ensure that it is optimised to do its job as effectively and efficiently as possible.

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Improving enforcement services

02 March 2022
The NPPF states that, “Effective enforcement is important to maintain public confidence in the planning system”. Government has recently expressed its concern about the impact that retrospective planning applications have on the public’s confidence in the planning system. In this paper POS tackles these concerns and looks at the wider enforcement system to set out changes that are designed to make it more effective and efficient. Changes are also recommended to improve the funding that enforcement services receive. Read more


Planning for a better future: Our planning manifesto for the government

23 February 2020
Our Manifesto calls for a series of targeted changes and refinements to the planning system to ensure that the system we have is optimised to do its job as effectively and efficiently as possible. Read more


iDM: managing development in industry 4.0

23 February 2020
As we enter Industry 4.0, the fourth stage of the industrial revolution, we embrace a connected world of big data and analytics driving like never before the world of work. rest and play. This paper looks at what might be around the corner in the context of the different forms of development we deal with and questions whether the way the planning system operates from a legislative point of view needs to change to be ready for the future. Read more


Spatial Planning: simplifying the process

05 August 2019
The new NPPF (February 2019) has now put in place clear requirements for Local Planning Authorities to produce strategic policies and to co-operate at this strategic level when producing their plans. Many Local Planning Authorities are now preparing joint plans to contain these policies. POS considers that this leaves the rest of the development planning process in need of review to see if it’s still fit for non-strategic policies (DPDs and Neighbourhood Plans) and their supporting guidance (SPDs) so we can get local and neighbourhood plans in place in the shortest possible time. Read more


Land Value Capture: Exploring the Options

07 July 2019
The planning system is used to securing funding from the development process to mitigate the impact of development and to enable necessary supporting infrastructure to be funded. This system has been subject to several reviews and changes over recent years, but these have fallen short of a comprehensive review of the wider regime of land value capture. This has entered the political arena recently and POS believes that a fresh look at the system is needed. Read more


From concept to construction: making the system more flexible

01 February 2016
The need to change a design, and potentially a planning permission, is a normal feature of the development process and the planning system should be capable of dealing with it in an effective and efficient manner. Our planning system was never explicitly designed to have this flexibility. POS proposes several changes to the planning system to address this.  Read more


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