POS London

POS London is a very active region. We have four networks, who all meet six times a year.

POS London is the main network aimed at Chief Planning Officers or their equivalents, but there are three further networks under the ALBPO banner. This stands for the Association of London Borough Planning Officers. It predates POS London and this network of heads of service was expanded and absorbed into POS London when it was formed in 2010. The three ALBPO networks are:

  • POS ALBPO Spatial Planning aimed at Heads of Spatial Planning or their equivalents
  • POS ALBPO Development Management aimed at Heads of Development Management or their equivalents
  • POS ALBPO Technical Support aimed at Heads of Technical Support or their equivalents


POS London - Mike Kiely (mskiely@gmail.com)

POS ALBPO Spatial Planning - Steve Dennington (steve.dennington@croydon.gov.uk)

POS ALBPO Development Management - Robert Lancaster (robert.lancaster@bexley.gov.uk)

POS ALBPO Technical Support  - Umbreen Qureshi (umbreen.qureshi@towerhamlets.gov.uk)

POS London Alumni

POS London also has an Alumni network for all those POS London or POS ALBPO planners who have, retired, otherwise left local government service or been promoted above the chief planner level and want to keep in touch with their former network colleagues. We meet twice a year in a central London pub in the evening to catch up, reminisce, put the world to right (AKA have a moan) etc. Contact Mike Kiely if you want to join us.