POS Minerals and Waste Network

The Minerals and Waste Forum is a network of planning officers engaged and specialising in mineral and waste planning and working mainly in county and unitary authorities. The Forum has been established to:

  • create a network to share and disseminate knowledge and experience;
  • address and advise on issues raised by practitioners;
  • liaise with, advise and seek to influence government departments (DLUHC, DEFRA, BEIS) and their agencies on policy and practice;
  • respond to government consultations through POS;
  • promote and produce good practice guides;
  • liaise with the mineral and waste industry through their trade associations (e.g. MPA, BAA, ESA, UKOOG);
  • represent POS on the UK Mineral Forum, Waste Network Chairs, Aggregates National Co-ordinating Group, conferences; and
  • promote the understanding and the importance of mineral and waste planning, the unique planning issues that they raise and how they relate to the wider planning system.


The Forum meets 3 times a year and has 2 Planning Advisory Groups (PAGs) working to it on Minerals and Waste (including an Oil and Gas Sub Group) and Implementation (includes DM and Enforcement).   These PAGs work on current topics and inform the Forum on issues raised.


Convenor: Richard Greaves, Essex County Council
Phone: 03330 136817

Secretary: Kirsten Williamson, South Downs National Park Authority
Phone: 07848 397822