POS Networks

POS offers a range of networks for members to get the support and advice they need from fellow professionals, share best practice, and collectively inform government policy and planning reform.

POS Policy Networks develop the policy of POS. The two core areas of Spatial Planning and Development Management meet around 4 times a year and are open to interested members. A Policy Forum is held regularly to discuss policy and other issues with our membership.

POS Regional Networks divides England into nine regions where local networks support planners by sharing information, expertise and best practice between members, and act as sounding boards for POS. Regional Networks are founded on the initiative and active participation of members, and the frequencies and formats of meetings vary across the country. If you are interested in joining the network in your part of the country visit this page.

Young POS is a network for early career public sector planners with under 10 years post qualification experience.

POS also has a network of Subject Specialists who are responsible for co-ordinating the Society’s policy view on their specialisms and to provide advice to government, the press and others on their specialist area. There is also a specialist network for Minerals & Waste.

POS only operates within England. If you operate in other parts of the UK try the following: